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2019 Clark County Wellness Challenge

Wellness Challenge - Class Date Change: The March 16th Class "Treat Yo'Self" class has been moved to April 6th in place of "Invest Yo'Self". We are working to reschedule the April 6th class for later in April/May.

Wellness Challenge -  Guided Bicycle Tour Cancelled: The March 16th Guided Bicycle Tour has been cancelled due to cold weather. Next Bicycle Tour is scheduled for Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at 6pm.

Welcome to the Clark County Wellness Challenge!  February 27th through May 15th, 2019!

During the Challenge, Clark County comes together to provide a variety of opportunities for you to get motivated, educated, and challenged! You will have access to a variety of free classes, and discounted memberships. Prizes will be given for weight loss and participation.

***You can download and fill out the Registration Form and Demographic Survey before you register and save a little time***

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