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About Us


The Winchester-Clark Co Activity Coalition is a grassroots community coalition.  It is a team of people representing government agencies, non-profits and private companies coming together monthly for the solid mission of encouraging physical activity in Clark Co which leads to healthier lives. The Coalition has been meeting for over ten years.

The group shares ideas that are related to physical activity and brainstorms collectively about matters of activity and health, including community walkability.  The group also works to address improvements in non-motorized transportation (walking and biking). The Coalition was recognized by the Kentucky State Department of Health in 2009 for visionary work. Some of our successes include: the Winchester Traveling Trail, a mowed trail on a prime piece of real estate estimated to have more than 2,500 walkers/runners per month and the Clark County Wellness Challenge, a yearly, community wide program promoting physical activity and wellness that has grown to over 500 participants.


The Clark Co Activity Coalition meets monthly on the third Monday of the month at the College Park Gym in Winchester.

For information contact:

Maggie Young, Co-chair:
Jennifer Gulley, Co-chair: 

Everyone Can Help! Get Involved!

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